Fun Activities to get a Sociable Church Picnic

Church picnics are a great time for all involved. They are great for strengthening or building new relationships, sharing personal testimonies, or simply generally having a great time among like-minded individuals. The negative effects obviously is it may be pretty difficult to acquire the right activities the whole congregation can take advantage of. You have to policy for both young and old, make sure you have adequate food for all, and workout a transportation system using whether charter bus or some other means of transport. Planning for all this could be stressful, but remember that it's about the fun and fellowship with the event, so avoid getting too caught up with the details.

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One of the most important areas of bringing individuals together and building relationships is finding an action that everybody can enjoy collectively. For those who have a smattering of numerous activities on the picnic, you will probably find that some people stay with smaller groups at various activity centers, which sort of defeats the objective of the whole lot. Below are a few ways for you to plan your church picnic so everybody gets involved.

Assign Tables

A very important factor that takes place at any group outing would be that the attendants have a tendency to stick in groups with folks they already know that. After they sit down to consume lunch, they seek out familiar faces to become listed on them for that meal. You'll find nothing really wrong with this, but it limits what you can do to meet new people. If you assign certain people at random for the picnic tables, you are able to give people a chance to socialize with people they've didn't have a chance to talk to before.

Use Mini Shuttles for Transportation

Transportation presents the same problems you would get at mealtime on a church picnic. Having a large charter bus, people will sit next to others that they already know. The idea isn't to push people into uncomfortable situations, obviously, but merely to give them an opportunity to reach outside their normal social circle and interact with new faces. Over a mini shuttle charter bus, you put people in to a smaller, more friendly environment where they are able to easily speak to everyone else present. This is much better for socialization than utilizing a regular size charter bus, plus a thousand times much better than having everybody drive towards the picnic in their own cars. If you have to choose, a minimum of go for a regular sized charter bus. Of course, if the possibility is available to you personally, turn it into a mini shuttle.

Plan a Bingo or Raffle Game

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If you intend an actual activity like bean bag racing in the picnic, you're invariably likely to be cutting off a percentage from the congregation that can't have fun playing the activity. Bingo is always fun and is also something which everyone is able to get involved in, adults and children alike. This is also true for a raffle, also it builds excitement because of the promise of prizes. The most important thing offers a chance for socialization and fun.